Spa Shop Near Me: Top Reasons to Invest in a Swim Spa

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spa shop near me

If you are torn between a hot tub or a regular swimming pool, opting for a swim spa will allow you to experience the best of both worlds.

Swim spas are a better and non-traditional alternative to swimming pools. And like hot tubs, a spa is a self-contained unit equipped with pumps, filters, and heating elements.

Swim spas are versatile and offer more than a means of relaxation and cooling-off during the hot season. They also provide many health benefits and value to your home.

Today, more and more homeowners are opting to install a spa in their backyards. Here’s why.

1. You Can Swim All Year Round

Unlike regular pools, swim spas are designed for all-year-round use, extending the swimming season, thanks to the heating elements and insulation.

With a spa installed in your backyard, you can swim any time of the day alone or accompanied by your friends and family.

Homeowners also invest in an automatic pool cover that keeps the spa clean and in perfect condition.

2. You Can Do Many Activities in a Swim Spa

Swim spa is not only exclusive to swimming. As a proud spa owner, you can do workouts and other low-impact exercises like rowing, push-ups, body surf, and walking against the current.

And the best thing about this is that you don’t need to leave your backyard or suffer from the inconveniences of public pools.

Most spa models are also equipped with powerful jets that mimic waves and currents that create a resistance perfect for people who want to build their stamina and strength.

Some models of spas are taller enough to give you an improved plunge pool experience and enjoy a great swim, relax with hydrotherapy, and entertain friends.

3. You Can Configure and Custom Upgrade your Spa

Swim spas are available in different sizes, colors, and accessories to suit your taste and preferences. You can choose from a tremendous selection of additional options that allows you to personalize your spa to suit your mood and desired ambiance.

Other technologies and inclusions are an LED lighting package, backlit controls, and waterfall features to enhance your spa experience and add an extra layer of elegance to your spa.

4. You Can Enjoy the Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Most spa models are equipped with technologies needed to create the ultimate Hydrotherapy experience. Its adjustable water controls allow you to raise the water temperature in a spa for therapeutic purposes.

Hydrotherapy has many benefits to your body including:

• Deep Cleaning of Pores
• Boost your Immune System
• Increase Endorphins
• Double Your Strength
• Counter Depression
• Relieve Inflammations
• Improved Well-Being

5. Adds Value to Your House

A swim spa adds value to your home and garden. It can make your backyard stand out while serving its purpose as a spa and a swimming pool. Swim spa also creates a conducive atmosphere for your friends and family every time they come over.

How to Choose the Comfiest Spa in A Spa Shop Near Me

Finding the right spa for your home is very easy. All you need is to talk to a spa expert from a trusted spa shop near me to help you choose the best one based on your need, budget, and purpose.