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Benefits of Icare Bed for People with Mobility Issues

icare bedPeople with mobility issues like older adults need a more comfortable and functional bed like the Icare Bed to help them get the restorative rest they need.

As people get older, our flexibility and mobility are not only reduced but also accompanied sometimes by other medical conditions that can make turning over and getting up from the bed a bit difficult.

With health care beds, people with mobility issues can now move with ease and can sleep comfortably again.

What is an Icare Bed? 

Icare is a range of hospital beds with better functional features that provides comfort and safety to people or patients with mobility issues. It has customized features that remove the hospital look out of your room.

Patients who prioritized home healthcare prefer this modified version of a hospital bed. 

The bed has unmatched functionality and durability with the benefits of a home care and facility bed frame.

What are the Benefits?

  • Assist people with respiratory conditions

For people with respiratory conditions, lying flat in bed when sleeping may worsen their conditions. Using a health care bed with an adjustable backrest or head lift allows them to enjoy a nice sleep.

  • Get your legs to a comfortable position

The knee bend functions of this type of bed allow people with restless legs or with knee injuries to position their legs in a more comfortable spot. 

  • Provides Support for Mobility in Bed

For seniors or older adults, getting into bed and out of it can be physically demanding and difficult. Icare beds offer support and assistance to these movements and help avoid any accidents and injury. 

Also, these highly functional beds have mechanisms that allow users to elevate the head or feet portion to preserve their backs and prevent them from being strained.

What are the Accessories Available?

There are several accessories or aids available that can be attached to the Icare hospital bed.

  • Head Board

The fully upholstered headboards complete the overall look of the bedroom. Also available in different colors and sizes.

  • Side Rails

Provides additional safety as it prevents the patient from falling and allows them to get into and out of bed.

  • Pillows

Pillows offer comfort and support to the shoulders, pelvis, and spine. Available in different shapes like the traditional one.

  • Mattresses

Perfect for clients who like soft mattresses or spend more time in bed. Available in different sizes depending on the personal need and preferences of the patient. 


In conclusion:

When choosing the correct healthcare beds, don’t forget to take into account the individual needs and preferences of the user. 

And most important, acquire them from reputable dealers that offer quality and durable medical equipment.

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How to Check the Water Quality of Your Pool Spa?

When warm weather sets in, it can only mean one thing — the commencing of the pool season in the country is about to begin. But before it even happens, do things  right first and begin by checking if the quality of your pool spa water is okay. Water quality for your pool that’s within the acceptable standard will help ensure that you will have pure fun and entertainment in the water, every single time you take a dip into it, even if it does not come with Australian spa parts.

Regardless of what you have is a traditional swimming pool or a pool spa instead, the need to carry out a routine check for chlorine, acid demand, pH level, and total alkalinity is there.

Many people think that this is a complicated task, but the reality of it is it is not. If you are among those people who didn’t ace their chemistry class back in high school, no need to worry here because there are test kits that you can use for this purpose. They are use-friendly, just make sure that you follow all the given directions to a tee.

Required Tools

A four-way pool water test kit​

Obtain Your  Water Sample

Grab your plastic tester and dip it into your pool. See to it that the water you’ll draw is from a depth of at least 18 inches. This will give you an accurate “catch”. The water chemistry obtained anywhere near the surface of the pool is not considered typical as the rest of its other deeper parts.

Check out the vial levels

Ensure that you fill the vials to the “fill” line marking. Proper and reliable reading would necessitate a precise pool water ratio to your testing solution.

Mix the Solution

Return the caps on your vials. Turn the vials upside down or invert them a couple of times. By doing so, you will evenly mix the pool water sample into the solution.

Compare the colors

Hold on for some time. After a few seconds make a comparative analysis of the color on the vial with the standard colors that are indicated on your plastic tester. By this measure, you will have an accurate free chlorine level reading.

Bear in mind that kits available today come with 2 separate tests, for residual and free chlorine. Both would be requiring different tablets or solutions.

Measure Your Pool Spa’s Water pH Levels

You need to raise your tester clean and have the large tube filled to the solid line on the top with pool water. This water must be obtained from a depth of at least 18 inches.

Add a drop of your solution and mix it thoroughly to give it a gentle swirling motion. The solution that you now have is sodium thiosulfate, a qualified chlorine neutralizer. Then add 5 drops of solution 2, the red phenol indicator, and give it a thorough mix.

Then finally, analyze it by examining the pH color standards against the plastic tester. Doing so will help you determine the pH level of your pool spa. The results should be reliable, even if your pool spa does not come with Australian spa parts.

But we are discouraging you from carrying out this test should you find that the residual chlorine is more than 3.0, as this will just obscure the accuracy of your pH reading. It is important to adjust first the residual chlorine to normal levels.

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Why More Men are Dying From the COVID-19 than Women According to TRT Doctors?

As of this writing, the UK’s death toll count has soared to 36,194, according to TRT doctors, whereas the confirmed infections spiked to a whopping 261,000 cases. Amongst these cases, the scientific community and medical professionals alike had observed that prevalent among the victims of the COVID-19 pandemic are men. 

With this kind of observation, your mind’s curiosity would be perked up a little that you’d begin to question how this can be? What rational explanation could be behind it? But most importantly, you’d want to know if there is anything that can be done to alleviate the impact of the coronavirus on men

On a global scale, there are a greater number of men that are getting killed by the COVID-19 as opposed to women. The underlying reason for which, and the scientific community are still looking into, may have something to do with habits, biology, and recently the level of testosterone in men.  

Testosterone, dubbed as the male sex hormone, has been found by scientists in their research to have a dampening effect on a man’s immune system. Thus, making them susceptible to getting infected by the coronavirus. 

man woman wearing face mask

Meanwhile, a comprehensive study and investigation on estrogen returned remarkable discovery. And it all pointed out to one direction, this female sex hormone strengthens the immune system of a woman. It can also improve the immune inflammation, to which testosterone has a counterproductive effect. As stated earlier, it has a dampening or weakening effect on a man’s immunity. 

This nugget of discovery was further looked into by the Frontiers of Public Health. The main concentration of their study delved into the sex differences in COVID-19 patients, with a strong focus on mortality and severity. This independent research body noted that this COVID-19 pandemic is reminiscent of another global pandemic way back in 2003, the SARS outbreak.  

The study concluded that there is a strong nexus between higher severity of symptoms and mortality in patients with a higher number of comorbidities and old age with both SARS and COVID-19. And in all data sets, ages between men and women were comparable. However, in comparison to the cases of women, men have this tendency to be more serious. 

With respect to the public data set, the ratio of men who perished because of the coronavirus is 2.4 times higher compared to those of women. Additionally, the same study also found out that while there is the same prevalence between both sexes, the male COVID-19 patients are at a greater risk to go through the worse outcomes, and the odds that it will pave the way to death is high, regardless of the age bracket they’re in.  

Last night, when I checked out the latest news in New York City, the late-night newscast program hinted that the male COVID-19 patients who died already were twice the rate of women. The state health department confirmed that there are 43 COVID-19 deaths in the early part of April for every 100,000 men. This goes against the 23 deaths for every 100, 000 women in New York. Meanwhile, the CDC or Centers for Disease Control of the US is not inclined to provide reports on COVID-19 deaths by sex. But medical professionals, particularly the testosterone clinic, in the country are seeing no possible reason as to why the soaring number of deaths in men in New York would be different anywhere in the US and here in Australia or from the rest of the world.

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How Safe Is It to Swim in Public Pools Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Under normal conditions, most of us would pay a little concern when jumping into a public pool. However, things this year have taken a 360-degree turn since most of us have our minds hard-pressed mostly on health and wellness concerns, particularly in not getting infected with the novel coronavirus.  

But when the sweltering heat sets in, and taking a quick dip in a pool of water the only thing you can think of, what will likely hold us back here is our safety not to get infected by the novel coronavirus. Amid the current pandemic, is it safe for us to visit a community pool for a swim? Or should we just dismiss the whole idea for our good and safety? 

Here is a bit of good news coming from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the U.S.

From their official statement, they said that there is no substantial evidence to support the impression and fear of many that the COVID-19 can be spread to people frequenting recreational waters. 

High-risk areas for this would include the natural bodies of water such as oceans, lakes, and rivers, most especially if they are frequented by local and foreign tourists. Add to this also are the recreational pools that are using spa shop Sydney together with community water parks and resort facilities.  

But this does not mean to say that if the recreational water facility itself is not qualified by the CDC as a matter of concern, the activity that people are going to have in and around the water is going to pose a health risk to everyone at this time of the pandemic.

Observe Social Distancing Even When You’re in the Pool

Disinfectant solutions used in swimming pools like bromine and chlorine can only do so much for you while you are in the pool water. According to health experts, the main thing to be concerned about in public or community recreational pools is the transmission of the coronavirus, not by water or any other means but from person to person transmission. 

By now, most of us know that the coronavirus can be spread easily through aerosol droplets. Just because you are in the water, that does not mean to say that the virus will have a hard time getting on to you. Even when you are in the water, you still need to observe social distancing. Therefore, you are not exempted from observing the six-foot rule distancing between yourself and the person next to you. 

family swimming

Wear Your Facemask Even in the Pool

Besides observing social distancing even when you are in the pool water, we are still going to encourage you to wear your face mask even when you are out of the water. 

The pool water is not likely a good medium to transmit the novel coronavirus among people due to the chemical disinfectants used to maintain it, but when you are out of the water things are pretty normal again — which means the risk of getting contaminated with the virus is there. It is as if just waiting for the right time and opportunity to infect you.

So, make sure that you have your face mask on when you step out of the water. 

Avoid Crowding

Even when there is good hope for us to hold summer pool fun parties, they would look very different from the ones that we are used to having before the pandemic happened. Instead of having a jam-packed pool party, there is a need to dramatically reduce the capacity of any venue.  

If you used to host a pool party before, attended by saying a thousand or so people, now in the light of the COVID-19 scare, the number of people who will be allowed to grace your occasion will be capped. We reckon that you can now hold a pool party from 1,000, you need to downsize that to 250 to 400 people only

Take Extreme Caution and Care When Using Shared Water Park Facilities

It is a common practice in recreational water parks to offer common areas shared by their patrons. Touchpoints such as the shower handrails, locker cabinets, picnic tables, lounge chairs, and public restrooms — all these are points of concern since the coronavirus lives on surfaces (although touching contaminated surfaces may not cause it to spread even further.  

As of this writing, major establishments that offer recreational pools with spa shop Sydney such as water parks and hotels, are now taking bold steps to adapt to new cleaning protocols. Such measures will help them in tackling the issues with regard to common surfaces.