Bed Pan: An Innovative and Comfortable Option for Getting the Care you Need

A bedpan is one of the helpful mobile toileting aids for patients with limited mobility, caused either by a medical condition or recovering from a surgical operation.

This anti-spill container offers an innovative option for getting the care you need. It is designed to fit users of different sizes, from adults to children.

Bedpans are not only designed for comfort but also help carers to support individuals with reduced mobility to retain their dignity and independence.

Additionally, this container used for urinating or defecating has an extra-low profile, making it easy to get on and off. Also, most bedpans have a wide, flat seating area that forms an anti-splash lip so that users can use it safely.

They are also reusable and made with sturdy material. Some pans can be used with liners to prevent splashing and easy cleaning.

bed pan

Types of Bed Pans

There are several types of bedpans available in the market. Some are made from metal, while others are from hard plastic. There are bedpans suitable for people who find it hard to raise their hips, such as individuals in body casts or with hip fractures.

There are bedpans for both men and women. Some are also reusable, and others are disposable. You can purchase bedpans online but choose only a reputable retailer to ensure the quality and durability.

The Proper Way to Use a Bed Pan

If you are caring for a person who could not travel to the bathroom alone, bedpans can help. To avoid any awkwardness or embarrassment, try to be relaxed, especially if the person you are caring for is of the opposite sex.

If you are calm and not look embarrassed, the person you are caring for may feel more comfortable.

Here’s how to properly use a bedpan:

• Sprinkle a small quantity of body powder on the edge of the pan to help with sliding.
• Place the bedpan in a right and comfortable position.
• Once the pan is in the right and safe position, leave the person alone to give some privacy.
• After the person is finished using the pan, hold it in place and help the person roll off away from you. Carefully set the bedpan to the side.
• Help the person clean himself.
• Empty the pan into the toilet.
• Make sure to wash and disinfect the pan properly.


Mobility aids like bedpans can improve the quality of life of people with mobility issues. However, each person has the right to choose and help plan the care they want. As a person with mobility disabilities, learn about your health condition and the possible treatment.

Discuss with your healthcare provider the treatment options in deciding what care you want to receive.

Lastly, always consult or talk to your healthcare provider to ensure the information indicated in this article applies to your personal circumstances.