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Over Toilet Aid for the Elderly and Disabled People

Going and using the toilet frequently occurs in a day. While it could seem a sufficient primary task for numerous grownups, for elderly and also disabled individuals, it could be a little more complicated. An over toilet aid can be an easy means of making the whole experience more straightforward and advertising independence where possible. The right-over toilet help can aid improve both the safety, security, and ease of the user, making getting on and off the bathroom much less complicated.

Suppose you or somebody you are accountable for may be in danger of hurting themselves in the washroom. In that case, you should explore the wide variety of over-commode aids offered to make the journey more accessible and secure. Some vital over commode aids for elderly and disabled individuals consist of bathroom surrounds, safety and security arms, increased bathroom seats, and over toilet aids.

over toilet aid

Over Toilet Aid: How it Helps the Elderly and Disabled People

Safety Arms and Toilet Surrounds

For other disabled or seniors, jumping on and off the toilet could be testing because of damage to their coordination, strength, or balance. If the person needs added help in letting themselves down to the bathroom or raising themselves onto their feet, commode borders or security arms could be an efficient option.

Commode borders or security arms provide hand grasps for the user as they reduce themselves onto the commode. They are usually flexible and easy to mount, calling for nothing more than being located over the toilet. Such is typically less complicated and much more budget-planned than having actual arm rails built right into the restroom, as such fences can be expensive to mount and get rid of when contrasted to simple commode surrounds.

Raised Toilet Seats

Often elderly and disabled people currently have handholds set up but still find it challenging to reduce themselves to the seat. They discovered that it would be much easier to utilize the commode. Setting up a raised bathroom seat could be a primary remedy in these situations. Raised toilet seats secure the current chair and offer an elevated system to sustain the customer.

This could be a straightforward method to make going to the washroom much comfier. It also features the included benefit that the seats are generally quick to set up and move, suggesting that they could be reused in multiple places.

Over Toilet Aids

Lastly, there is the over-commode help. Over toilet help combine the most effective toilet safety and security arms and raised bathroom seats to offer a risk-free and comfy way of moving to and from the bathroom. Over toilet seats are typically height flexible, suggesting an increased seating to remain on and hand holds to aid transfers.

They are set up by being positioned over the commode, meaning they could be removed or replaced rapidly and quickly. They are a suitable toilet help for disabled and seniors with knee, hip, or leg injuries that prevent them from securely and efficiently lowering themselves to the commode.

iCare bed

4 Benefits of Having an iCare Bed Installed in Your Home

When recovering from injury, surgery, or illness, a night of restorative and restful sleep is important. However, not all beds are created equal in terms of comfort and functionality. 

This is why investing in a great bed such as an iCare Bed is a life-changing decision knowing that there is no replacement for a good night’s sleep. 

Having the right bed with better functionality is extremely important for people with limited mobility and bedridden throughout the day. These people definitely know the value of having the right bed since getting in and out of bed can be challenging. 

Plus, using the right bed is beneficial to the patient and caregiver.


What is an iCare Bed?

Sometimes referred to as homecare beds or adjustable beds, iCare beds are one of the most effective beds for anyone with mobility issues because of their unmatched function and durability. They also take the hospital look out of your room with its aesthetic value and design options. 

These beds are not just for hospitals, but they are also ideal for home use. Also, these beds are a great option to provide you or your loved ones with maximum comfort, functionality, and safety.


Why Should You Consider an Adjustable Bed?

Installing this adjustable bed in your home is the best choice for patients who require home care or suffering from medical conditions or mobility problems. Here are the four benefits of installing an adjustable bed in your home:


Ideal Solution for Patients and Caregivers

This type of bed makes it easier for caregivers to help the patients at home because of its better functionality compared to hospital beds. Their adjustable features make it easier for the patient to move within the bed and for the caregiver to assist them. 

There is also an available iCare companion bed ideal for couples or partners. 


Sleep Comfortably

Getting a good night’s sleep is very important for people with health conditions or mobility issues. 

Without a comfortable bed, people with reduced mobility find it hard or challenging to get comfortable in bed or find the correct sleeping position. Adjustable beds allow them to adjust their position to get comfortable when sleeping.


Makes Homecare Possible

Today, many people prefer home care rather than staying in hospitals. With a comfortable and highly-functional homecare bed, patients can stay in the home they love and get the necessary care. These adjustable beds allow anyone to be in their home and quickly recover from their health and mobility issues.



Adjustable beds are designed to be safe with adjustable side rails to prevent the patient from falling out of bed. These rails also provide patients something to grab onto every time they want to adjust themselves or their position to get comfortable.



Adjustable beds like the iCare beds can be costly, but many people consider them worth the investment. If your loved ones feel uncomfortable sleeping and prefer their head/feet elevated, you might consider an adjustable bed. 

Adjustable beds sold today are available in different features and designs and are equipped with cutting-edge technology. 

So, if any of these features and functions sound appealing, you may be a great candidate for this type of bed. 

If you want to learn more about these homecare beds or other mobility products, visit this link or contact Doability today for assistance and assessment of your needs.

Bed Pan: An Innovative and Comfortable Option for Getting the Care you Need

A bedpan is one of the helpful mobile toileting aids for patients with limited mobility, caused either by a medical condition or recovering from a surgical operation.

This anti-spill container offers an innovative option for getting the care you need. It is designed to fit users of different sizes, from adults to children.

Bedpans are not only designed for comfort but also help carers to support individuals with reduced mobility to retain their dignity and independence.

Additionally, this container used for urinating or defecating has an extra-low profile, making it easy to get on and off. Also, most bedpans have a wide, flat seating area that forms an anti-splash lip so that users can use it safely.

They are also reusable and made with sturdy material. Some pans can be used with liners to prevent splashing and easy cleaning.

bed pan

Types of Bed Pans

There are several types of bedpans available in the market. Some are made from metal, while others are from hard plastic. There are bedpans suitable for people who find it hard to raise their hips, such as individuals in body casts or with hip fractures.

There are bedpans for both men and women. Some are also reusable, and others are disposable. You can purchase bedpans online but choose only a reputable retailer to ensure the quality and durability.

The Proper Way to Use a Bed Pan

If you are caring for a person who could not travel to the bathroom alone, bedpans can help. To avoid any awkwardness or embarrassment, try to be relaxed, especially if the person you are caring for is of the opposite sex.

If you are calm and not look embarrassed, the person you are caring for may feel more comfortable.

Here’s how to properly use a bedpan:

• Sprinkle a small quantity of body powder on the edge of the pan to help with sliding.
• Place the bedpan in a right and comfortable position.
• Once the pan is in the right and safe position, leave the person alone to give some privacy.
• After the person is finished using the pan, hold it in place and help the person roll off away from you. Carefully set the bedpan to the side.
• Help the person clean himself.
• Empty the pan into the toilet.
• Make sure to wash and disinfect the pan properly.


Mobility aids like bedpans can improve the quality of life of people with mobility issues. However, each person has the right to choose and help plan the care they want. As a person with mobility disabilities, learn about your health condition and the possible treatment.

Discuss with your healthcare provider the treatment options in deciding what care you want to receive.

Lastly, always consult or talk to your healthcare provider to ensure the information indicated in this article applies to your personal circumstances.

over toilet aid

Make Toileting Easier with Over Toilet Aid

An over toilet aid provides an effortless toileting solution for people with limited mobility, including those with disabilities, a medical condition, or anyone who needs support after undergoing surgery.

This mobility aid can be an invaluable piece of an assistive device for those who want to maintain their toileting independence.

Today, finding the right toilet aid to suit your personal needs and preferences has never been this easy. There is a wide range of options to choose from in the market, allowing you to do your toileting with comfort and ease.

To help you decide if this device may provide a wonderful service to your loved ones with mobility issues, here are the benefits that toilet aids can offer.

Benefits of Using Over Toilet Aid as a Mobility Device

Makes the Process of Toileting Safer

Over toilet aids are designed to make transferring on and off the toilet safe and easy. It has sturdy frames and raised armrests that enhance toileting independence for those suffering from mobility issues or reduced strength.

Some models have split chairs that make it easier for people with mobility impairment to use the toilet without too much struggle. Also, there are over-the-toilet aids that are height-adjustable, which means they can be adjusted to suit the users’ needs.

Safe and Comfortable to Use

Over-the toilet aids are safe and comfortable to use since they meet strict safety requirements and can cater to different weight ranges. They have durable non-slip rubber tips that make these portable devices safe to use on bathroom floors and provide excellent grip and stability in wet conditions or surfaces.

It also features a durable base sitting, a reinforced aluminum frame, and heavy-duty non-slip feet. For durability, it includes stainless-steel washers.

Promotes Toileting Independence

One of the goals of this device is to help patients with mobility issues enhance and promote toileting independence and have safer trips to the toilet without the help of their caregiver.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

This mobility aid is designed for easy cleaning and features removable lift-back seats. Also, some models have contoured seats with a clip-on attachment for easy assembly and cleaning.

Adjustability Feature

Some models are height adjustable with easy circlip adjustment points to assist people with leg or hip injuries every time they use the toilet.

Offers Great Relief and Comfort to Users

One of the functions of this medical equipment is to provide relaxation and comfort to the user whenever they need to use the restroom.

Some toilet aids have split seats, allowing users to wash their body sections without getting out of the chair. It also includes high seats to reduce squatting when using the toilet.


The benefits of this healthcare device positively impact the quality of life of people with limited mobility, like the elderly and disabled persons, by restoring their independence, self-esteem, and confidence.

Also, using this mobility device reduced the potential risks of accidents and injury for disabled people when using the toilet.





Benefits of Icare Bed for People with Mobility Issues

icare bedPeople with mobility issues like older adults need a more comfortable and functional bed like the Icare Bed to help them get the restorative rest they need.

As people get older, our flexibility and mobility are not only reduced but also accompanied sometimes by other medical conditions that can make turning over and getting up from the bed a bit difficult.

With health care beds, people with mobility issues can now move with ease and can sleep comfortably again.

What is an Icare Bed? 

Icare is a range of hospital beds with better functional features that provides comfort and safety to people or patients with mobility issues. It has customized features that remove the hospital look out of your room.

Patients who prioritized home healthcare prefer this modified version of a hospital bed. 

The bed has unmatched functionality and durability with the benefits of a home care and facility bed frame.

What are the Benefits?

  • Assist people with respiratory conditions

For people with respiratory conditions, lying flat in bed when sleeping may worsen their conditions. Using a health care bed with an adjustable backrest or head lift allows them to enjoy a nice sleep.

  • Get your legs to a comfortable position

The knee bend functions of this type of bed allow people with restless legs or with knee injuries to position their legs in a more comfortable spot. 

  • Provides Support for Mobility in Bed

For seniors or older adults, getting into bed and out of it can be physically demanding and difficult. Icare beds offer support and assistance to these movements and help avoid any accidents and injury. 

Also, these highly functional beds have mechanisms that allow users to elevate the head or feet portion to preserve their backs and prevent them from being strained.

What are the Accessories Available?

There are several accessories or aids available that can be attached to the Icare hospital bed.

  • Head Board

The fully upholstered headboards complete the overall look of the bedroom. Also available in different colors and sizes.

  • Side Rails

Provides additional safety as it prevents the patient from falling and allows them to get into and out of bed.

  • Pillows

Pillows offer comfort and support to the shoulders, pelvis, and spine. Available in different shapes like the traditional one.

  • Mattresses

Perfect for clients who like soft mattresses or spend more time in bed. Available in different sizes depending on the personal need and preferences of the patient. 


In conclusion:

When choosing the correct healthcare beds, don’t forget to take into account the individual needs and preferences of the user. 

And most important, acquire them from reputable dealers that offer quality and durable medical equipment.

Why Senior People and People with Infirmity Need Disability Equipment Like a Mobility Shower Chair?

When senior people, as well as those with infirmity, are on the lookout for a piece of disability equipment like mobility shower chair, their natural tendency is to look for an item that they think is comfortable to use or have functionalities and features that fit into their needs. While there is nothing wrong with that, they tend to lose sight of another important aspect — their toileting and bathing needs!

mobility shower chair

What is a Mobility Shower Chair?

Mobility shower chairs are a kind of waterproof wheelchairs. They are particularly designed to be of aid to the user in getting by on his own when taking a shower or when using the toilet. By empowering the user, we are reducing the number of times he needs to make transfers just so they can carry out such day by day essential tasks. 

For us who are not in their position, getting off and transferring oneself from a wheelchair to the toilet is easy, there is nothing to argue about that. But for the infirmed and older people, simple actions like those can be physically taxing for them. They tend to get exhausted quickly. 

This is where a mobility shower chair comes into the picture, it can empower the user despite his physical frailties. Such a piece of disability equipment can help reduce the number of movements or needed transfers, consequently conserving the user’s valuable energy for the day. The energy he saved can be used instead of several other more meaningful activities. 

Should you feel there is a need to customize the functionality features of your mobility shower chair, you can do so but we will encourage you to collaborate with your trusted occupational therapist for this. Here are some of the important characteristics of a mobility shower chair that you should take into consideration:  

Seat Depth and Width

See to it that the shower chair width matches the dimensions of your hips. Otherwise, it will run the risk of putting into compromise the physical support that your upper body will require while the shower chair is in use.  


The aperture pertains to the shape of the seater and the amount of space that will allow the user to carry out his toileting needs. A padded seat is sometimes necessary here to help in minimizing the risk of breaking down the skin with a horseshoe opening. The correct size and shape of the aperture are essentially important, otherwise, it will not serve its intended purpose.  


The backrest can come either in at an angle position or in an upright direction. Determining the right height of the back support feature is of utmost importance in the ordering process. It will help you decide whether you will need to have it padded or not.  


It is okay for the armrests to come at an angle position or vertical position. Or you can opt for something removable or foldable. This will help the shower wheelchair user decide or identify the best position that will bring him the most comfort.  

Footrests and footplates

Footrests and footplates usually come in removable or detachable types, which helps facilitate faster transfers. As for the footplates, you can flip them up instead. To keep the wheelchair user’s feet from getting caught up in the wheels or sliding, you may take advantage of the heel or calf straps.  

Tilt in Space

This usable feature would be necessary when the wheelchair user himself is having difficulty or finding it too challenging to keep or maintain his balance in an upright position. However, it is important to bear in mind also that tilts in some wheelchair models could get in the way of the user’s ability to utilize this disability equipment over the toilet.  

Wrapping Up!

There is a manifold of benefits that elders and the people with infirmity can enjoy if they will take advantage of a mobility shower chair in addressing their toileting and showering concerns. Basically, it will provide your body the physical support that it needs while it is in a seated position, you feel safe and are comfortable.  

Besides, optimum comfort level, it will also keep your transfers to a minimum. It will also serve as a valuable aid for the personal caregiver or to the member of the family who oversees/assists the user.

Regardless of the situation, we are encouraging you to get some assessment or advice from your trusted occupational therapist for this.  


Why We Qualify Adjustable Beds as Effective Stress Busters Nowadays?

In a world where stress and anxiety are a constant companion of many, it gives us a comforting sigh of relief when we hear that there is some kind of stress-busting wonder machine out there. I know that this is quite a statement to have.


Not so, until you grab a chair for a seat and examine precisely what stress is all about and how an adjustable beds can be of significant help to you in coping with stress. 

Our familiarity with stress is usually associated with how we act ourselves out due to an event, but not to the event per se. When you sense extreme pressure going against you over something or you have this overwhelming feeling that you are out of control, it is almost automatic that it will be followed by emotional, physical, or relational symptoms brought about by tension.

Anything that we can have on our hands that will help lower our stress and anxiety levels should be taken advantage of to help improve the quality of our lives. Adjustable types of beds are among those, and they are engineered in such a way that they will help us allay the toll of daily, difficult situations. 

At the end of a difficult day, all you will want to do is just lie down on your comfy, warm bed. But you have a chance to take things a notch higher from that when you opt for an adjustable bed. They usually come with built-in features and attributes that will help in treating your body, your stress level, and your mind so that they will revert to their normal, typical states.  

hospital beds

There are bed systems of this type that allows you to conveniently make adjustments on the head and foot levels with the help of remote control to a setting most comfortable for your body. In the absence of such a feature, the sense of convenience you can have should be more than enough to make you feel okay and at ease. 

If you happen to have an adjustable type of bed that is outfitted with a warming massage therapy mechanism, consider yourself luckier than most people because it will let you blow off your anxieties away.  

When trying to look for this type of bed, you may want to check out models that come with a vibrating attribute. This is a special feature for this type of bed that allows you to experience invisible fingers kneading your pent up tension for the day away. 

Usually, they are built with car shut off motors that allow them to automatically turn off after an established amount of time. This will work to your advantage if you unintentionally doze off before you wish to. 

All of us have our share of difficult days. If we sense that we have a dire need to loosen up, we can always turn to this type of bed and its warm system to transform us with its one of a kind mind-numbing comfort.  

Adjustable or flexible beds are usually equipped with massage mechanisms. Or maybe a more fitting term to use here is electrical flexible beds, they can certainly save you a great amount of money over the year.  

If you are in the habit of going for a full-blown body massage to help ease your tension and stress away, electrical flexible beds may just do the trick for you and perhaps you are more for some surprising benefits, too.  

With an adjustable bed system, you can say goodbye to your favorite body massage parlor and look forward daily for that comforting massage therapy, whenever you feel the need for it.  

How to Protect Yourself From COVID-19 If You Are a Self Propelled Wheelchair User?

Many of us think that the COVID-19 pandemic has made life more difficult and straining, and most of the time  we  can only whine so much about it. But things are even far more difficult and challenging for people living with some kind of physical infirmity, particularly those who need to use a wheelchair to help them in their mobility concerns


Like everyone else, if you are physically well and fit and are not constrained by any kind of ambulatory issues,  just try to imagine how you will be living your  life amid the pandemic if you are using a self propelled wheelchair? Would you be able to do the  things you normally do with ease?

If a wheelchair is a constant companion to you, proper care and maintenance should be your utmost concern. Now that there is a pandemic, you need to keep it safe from getting infected. 

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is giving us their recommendations and the best practices we should observe if we are a wheelchair user. 

These measures are aimed at keeping people with handicap safe and secure against the novel coronavirus. 

Tip #1 

Carry your own personal sanitizer. 

Whether you are a wheelchair user or not, the most effective, convenient and easiest form of protection you can have against the novel coronavirus is the use of 75% diluted alcohol for disinfection purposes.  

You can divide the contents of a full bottle, and have them in much smaller spray containers so you can have your handy personal hand sanitizer. Carry it in your bag or pocket wherever you go.

On instances that it will not be convenient for you to wash your hands right away, a spray bottle of diluted alcohol would work wonders for you.  Besides you can also use it to disinfect parts of your wheelchair  that you or your personal caregiver will touch the most such as the joystick control ( for powered type of wheelchair), armrests, and push rims. 

Another alternative you can take advantage of in the absence of diluted alcohol are sanitizing wet wipes or tissue wipes, ensure though that they have sanitizing effects when used. 


Tip #2 

Get used to wearing hand gloves. 

Wheelchair users are also advised to learn how to wear and get used to wearing hand gloves. For doctors, medical professionals, and healthcare workers,  since they are the ones who are in the frontline of caring for the sick (even if it is not for COVID-19), it is a cardinal rule for them to follow this by heart — wearing a pair of surgical gloves is a must when handling a patient and caring for the sick. 

What we are dealing with is a global pandemic. Thus, we are encouraged to wear hand gloves and for proper cleaning of the same, we can use soapy water to wash it.

Washing your hand gloves with a disinfecting soap will help in exterminating microorganisms that may be present on it already. But if you need to access or leave a higher-risk area such as a hospital, the use of disposable gloves is highly recommended, which may come available  in latex or pvc material. 

Tip #3

Observe social distancing when you are outside. 

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention strictly advises the general public to observe social distancing when they need to get out of their homes. A minimum of 2 meters distance from the next person next to you should be observed. 

If you are a  wheelchair user, try to  minimize going out of the house and stay home as much as possible. The tendency for wheelchair users is to be surrounded or get flanked by  people around them in public areas. When this happens , it will increase your risk  and susceptibility to get infected by the coronavirus.  

If it is necessary for you to go out and you are wheelchair bound, social distancing is a must. When in public places, request people around you to observe their proper distance and thank them for doing so. 

When it comes to cleaning your self propelled wheelchairs, it doesn’t really matter if you are doing the cleaning task yourself or if you are sending it back to the original manufacturer of your assistive equipment to carry out a professional disinfection work on it. Make sure though that you are cleaning those surface areas that you touch frequently.