Benefits of Icare Bed for People with Mobility Issues

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icare bedPeople with mobility issues like older adults need a more comfortable and functional bed like the Icare Bed to help them get the restorative rest they need.

As people get older, our flexibility and mobility are not only reduced but also accompanied sometimes by other medical conditions that can make turning over and getting up from the bed a bit difficult.

With health care beds, people with mobility issues can now move with ease and can sleep comfortably again.

What is an Icare Bed? 

Icare is a range of hospital beds with better functional features that provides comfort and safety to people or patients with mobility issues. It has customized features that remove the hospital look out of your room.

Patients who prioritized home healthcare prefer this modified version of a hospital bed. 

The bed has unmatched functionality and durability with the benefits of a home care and facility bed frame.

What are the Benefits?

  • Assist people with respiratory conditions

For people with respiratory conditions, lying flat in bed when sleeping may worsen their conditions. Using a health care bed with an adjustable backrest or head lift allows them to enjoy a nice sleep.

  • Get your legs to a comfortable position

The knee bend functions of this type of bed allow people with restless legs or with knee injuries to position their legs in a more comfortable spot. 

  • Provides Support for Mobility in Bed

For seniors or older adults, getting into bed and out of it can be physically demanding and difficult. Icare beds offer support and assistance to these movements and help avoid any accidents and injury. 

Also, these highly functional beds have mechanisms that allow users to elevate the head or feet portion to preserve their backs and prevent them from being strained.

What are the Accessories Available?

There are several accessories or aids available that can be attached to the Icare hospital bed.

  • Head Board

The fully upholstered headboards complete the overall look of the bedroom. Also available in different colors and sizes.

  • Side Rails

Provides additional safety as it prevents the patient from falling and allows them to get into and out of bed.

  • Pillows

Pillows offer comfort and support to the shoulders, pelvis, and spine. Available in different shapes like the traditional one.

  • Mattresses

Perfect for clients who like soft mattresses or spend more time in bed. Available in different sizes depending on the personal need and preferences of the patient. 


In conclusion:

When choosing the correct healthcare beds, don’t forget to take into account the individual needs and preferences of the user. 

And most important, acquire them from reputable dealers that offer quality and durable medical equipment.