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How to Check the Water Quality of Your Pool Spa?

When warm weather sets in, it can only mean one thing — the commencing of the pool season in the country is about to begin. But before it even happens, do things  right first and begin by checking if the quality of your pool spa water is okay. Water quality for your pool that’s within the acceptable standard will help ensure that you will have pure fun and entertainment in the water, every single time you take a dip into it, even if it does not come with Australian spa parts.

Regardless of what you have is a traditional swimming pool or a pool spa instead, the need to carry out a routine check for chlorine, acid demand, pH level, and total alkalinity is there.

Many people think that this is a complicated task, but the reality of it is it is not. If you are among those people who didn’t ace their chemistry class back in high school, no need to worry here because there are test kits that you can use for this purpose. They are use-friendly, just make sure that you follow all the given directions to a tee.

Required Tools

A four-way pool water test kit​

Obtain Your  Water Sample

Grab your plastic tester and dip it into your pool. See to it that the water you’ll draw is from a depth of at least 18 inches. This will give you an accurate “catch”. The water chemistry obtained anywhere near the surface of the pool is not considered typical as the rest of its other deeper parts.

Check out the vial levels

Ensure that you fill the vials to the “fill” line marking. Proper and reliable reading would necessitate a precise pool water ratio to your testing solution.

Mix the Solution

Return the caps on your vials. Turn the vials upside down or invert them a couple of times. By doing so, you will evenly mix the pool water sample into the solution.

Compare the colors

Hold on for some time. After a few seconds make a comparative analysis of the color on the vial with the standard colors that are indicated on your plastic tester. By this measure, you will have an accurate free chlorine level reading.

Bear in mind that kits available today come with 2 separate tests, for residual and free chlorine. Both would be requiring different tablets or solutions.

Measure Your Pool Spa’s Water pH Levels

You need to raise your tester clean and have the large tube filled to the solid line on the top with pool water. This water must be obtained from a depth of at least 18 inches.

Add a drop of your solution and mix it thoroughly to give it a gentle swirling motion. The solution that you now have is sodium thiosulfate, a qualified chlorine neutralizer. Then add 5 drops of solution 2, the red phenol indicator, and give it a thorough mix.

Then finally, analyze it by examining the pH color standards against the plastic tester. Doing so will help you determine the pH level of your pool spa. The results should be reliable, even if your pool spa does not come with Australian spa parts.

But we are discouraging you from carrying out this test should you find that the residual chlorine is more than 3.0, as this will just obscure the accuracy of your pH reading. It is important to adjust first the residual chlorine to normal levels.

How to Know If You Should Get an Adjustable Bed Frame?

Gone are the days when this type of bed was relegated to hospital rooms because in recent years they have gone through upgrades and innovations, the reason why they now have also migrated to residential bedrooms. A handful of mattress companies nowadays are selling flexible bed frame systems, the price point for which would be ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.    

It is normal for these manufacturing firms to tout their product offerings as the result of the evolving improvements they are making over traditional bed frame systems. You will even find a handful of adjustable types of bed integrated with smart-home technology like sleep monitoring, voice assistance, programmable lighting, USB ports, speakers, and many more. These bonus features of an adjustable bed make them your sleeping quarter hub.   

adjustable beds in hospitals

While there is a growing trend for modern home designs to incorporate smart technology in their design and makeup, we can then expect that smart integrations are likely to be seen also in many other appliances for home use. This may happen to some appliances soon enough, but there would be others that may take a while to happen. Power beds or adjustable beds are no exception here. They can come with app-controlled remotes or underbed night lights, while some others are equipped instead with voice-command control.      

What’s Your Preferred Sleep Style?


Having your adjustable bed nestled to your bedroom will always prove itself as a comfy choice for people who like sitting on their bed first for a while watching their favorite TV soaps first or news before dozing off to sleep. Others would like to finish off some office work on their laptop before retiring and calling it a day for them.

As you see, this type of bed works and functions as a couch inside a bedroom. 

But if your main motivation for taking into account this type of bed is for health reasons, be guided that these manufacturing firms who are touting their product offerings as providing significant help in alleviating chronic back pains, medical professionals would be asserting that it is debatable.  

Doctors would often reason out that this type of bed may be beneficial to patients with back, neck, and spine issues to a certain degree but they are not necessary to use. This assertion was made by a qualified professor of orthopedic surgery with an area of specialization in back surgery at John Hopkins University.  

He also added that patients who are afflicted by their spine condition will still do well and receive optimal support for their backs even if they are only using the typical flat mattress

Should you make that decision to switch to an adjustable power bed, consider looking only for adjustable air mattresses, foam, innerspring that will certainly go along well with adjustable bed frame systems. This is the only way that you will not compromise comfort over convenience.   

It is also good to remember that there are bed frame manufacturers who say that their offered mattresses would only work best with their proprietary bed frames. Therefore it is best if we consider looking into the aspect of compatibility even before you finally make up your mind to take the plunge.  


ceiling fan modern

Ceiling Fan Modern: Guidelines to Choosing the Best One

If your preferences run to contemporary, you might have several issues that you will not have the ability to locate a contemporary ceiling fan that will fit the decor. Have absolutely no fear, not just are their contemporary ceiling fans, but there are ceiling fans of every design and style to place some room in your house completely.

When you invest in a contemporary ceiling fan for the home, you are going to have clean, fresh lines which will cool your house much more economically than you at any time thought possible. On those comfortable days you are able to make use of your modern ceiling fan by yourself, and also on those really very hot days, making use of your contemporary ceiling fan in conjunction with an air conditioner is able to pay for you the optimum help from the heat.

ceiling fan modern

A modern ceiling fan won’t just accent the furnishings, but as well as the entire look of the room. It is going to bring you savings on the energy costs that you are able to enjoy year round. When you are using a ceiling fan as well as air conditioner together, you’re enabling the air conditioner to do the job less, therefore using less electricity and this may add as much as large savings in the pocket.

You will find plenty of contemporary ceiling fans obtainable online. You can use the various models, types, and kinds of these fans easily from dozens of sites. The array of fans will allow it to be hard for you to choose one. To help you with this unique undertaking, read on.

Ceiling Fan Modern Guidelines

Determine what approach to choose

Do you want the fan to enhance your decoration? If this is the situation, then pick a fan which has a visual element which goes perfectly with design, theme, and the color of the room.

Look at functionality

You might think about elegance as one aspect though you should also consider functionality. The reliable functioning of the contemporary ceiling fans is essential too. What is a classy and excellent fan in case you cannot use it properly? It is going to become one of the gorgeous but ineffective decors of the house. So, choose your ceiling fan thoroughly before buying.

Sturdy materials

Longevity will often be one element you’ve to check. If the materials used are of quality that is high, then your ceiling fan can last lengthy. You are going to save money since you will not be buying a brand new one within several months. It will not quickly bog down, and this can help you save the difficulty of getting it to a repair tech support each time it cranks up. This will even help save you time. It is great that you have a wide range of options when it comes to choosing what type of ceiling fan modern you want. You can even visit some location showroom for lighting effects and ceiling fans. You might decide to visit the neighborhood home improvement store in which you are able to browse a great choice of ceiling fan to uncover the best modern ceiling fan for your house decorating needs.

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How Safe Is It to Swim in Public Pools Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Under normal conditions, most of us would pay a little concern when jumping into a public pool. However, things this year have taken a 360-degree turn since most of us have our minds hard-pressed mostly on health and wellness concerns, particularly in not getting infected with the novel coronavirus.  

But when the sweltering heat sets in, and taking a quick dip in a pool of water the only thing you can think of, what will likely hold us back here is our safety not to get infected by the novel coronavirus. Amid the current pandemic, is it safe for us to visit a community pool for a swim? Or should we just dismiss the whole idea for our good and safety? 

Here is a bit of good news coming from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the U.S.

From their official statement, they said that there is no substantial evidence to support the impression and fear of many that the COVID-19 can be spread to people frequenting recreational waters. 

High-risk areas for this would include the natural bodies of water such as oceans, lakes, and rivers, most especially if they are frequented by local and foreign tourists. Add to this also are the recreational pools that are using spa shop Sydney together with community water parks and resort facilities.  

But this does not mean to say that if the recreational water facility itself is not qualified by the CDC as a matter of concern, the activity that people are going to have in and around the water is going to pose a health risk to everyone at this time of the pandemic.

Observe Social Distancing Even When You’re in the Pool

Disinfectant solutions used in swimming pools like bromine and chlorine can only do so much for you while you are in the pool water. According to health experts, the main thing to be concerned about in public or community recreational pools is the transmission of the coronavirus, not by water or any other means but from person to person transmission. 

By now, most of us know that the coronavirus can be spread easily through aerosol droplets. Just because you are in the water, that does not mean to say that the virus will have a hard time getting on to you. Even when you are in the water, you still need to observe social distancing. Therefore, you are not exempted from observing the six-foot rule distancing between yourself and the person next to you. 

family swimming

Wear Your Facemask Even in the Pool

Besides observing social distancing even when you are in the pool water, we are still going to encourage you to wear your face mask even when you are out of the water. 

The pool water is not likely a good medium to transmit the novel coronavirus among people due to the chemical disinfectants used to maintain it, but when you are out of the water things are pretty normal again — which means the risk of getting contaminated with the virus is there. It is as if just waiting for the right time and opportunity to infect you.

So, make sure that you have your face mask on when you step out of the water. 

Avoid Crowding

Even when there is good hope for us to hold summer pool fun parties, they would look very different from the ones that we are used to having before the pandemic happened. Instead of having a jam-packed pool party, there is a need to dramatically reduce the capacity of any venue.  

If you used to host a pool party before, attended by saying a thousand or so people, now in the light of the COVID-19 scare, the number of people who will be allowed to grace your occasion will be capped. We reckon that you can now hold a pool party from 1,000, you need to downsize that to 250 to 400 people only

Take Extreme Caution and Care When Using Shared Water Park Facilities

It is a common practice in recreational water parks to offer common areas shared by their patrons. Touchpoints such as the shower handrails, locker cabinets, picnic tables, lounge chairs, and public restrooms — all these are points of concern since the coronavirus lives on surfaces (although touching contaminated surfaces may not cause it to spread even further.  

As of this writing, major establishments that offer recreational pools with spa shop Sydney such as water parks and hotels, are now taking bold steps to adapt to new cleaning protocols. Such measures will help them in tackling the issues with regard to common surfaces.