How to Know If You Should Get an Adjustable Bed Frame?

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Gone are the days when this type of bed was relegated to hospital rooms because in recent years they have gone through upgrades and innovations, the reason why they now have also migrated to residential bedrooms. A handful of mattress companies nowadays are selling flexible bed frame systems, the price point for which would be ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.    

It is normal for these manufacturing firms to tout their product offerings as the result of the evolving improvements they are making over traditional bed frame systems. You will even find a handful of adjustable types of bed integrated with smart-home technology like sleep monitoring, voice assistance, programmable lighting, USB ports, speakers, and many more. These bonus features of an adjustable bed make them your sleeping quarter hub.   

adjustable beds in hospitals

While there is a growing trend for modern home designs to incorporate smart technology in their design and makeup, we can then expect that smart integrations are likely to be seen also in many other appliances for home use. This may happen to some appliances soon enough, but there would be others that may take a while to happen. Power beds or adjustable beds are no exception here. They can come with app-controlled remotes or underbed night lights, while some others are equipped instead with voice-command control.      

What’s Your Preferred Sleep Style?


Having your adjustable bed nestled to your bedroom will always prove itself as a comfy choice for people who like sitting on their bed first for a while watching their favorite TV soaps first or news before dozing off to sleep. Others would like to finish off some office work on their laptop before retiring and calling it a day for them.

As you see, this type of bed works and functions as a couch inside a bedroom. 

But if your main motivation for taking into account this type of bed is for health reasons, be guided that these manufacturing firms who are touting their product offerings as providing significant help in alleviating chronic back pains, medical professionals would be asserting that it is debatable.  

Doctors would often reason out that this type of bed may be beneficial to patients with back, neck, and spine issues to a certain degree but they are not necessary to use. This assertion was made by a qualified professor of orthopedic surgery with an area of specialization in back surgery at John Hopkins University.  

He also added that patients who are afflicted by their spine condition will still do well and receive optimal support for their backs even if they are only using the typical flat mattress

Should you make that decision to switch to an adjustable power bed, consider looking only for adjustable air mattresses, foam, innerspring that will certainly go along well with adjustable bed frame systems. This is the only way that you will not compromise comfort over convenience.   

It is also good to remember that there are bed frame manufacturers who say that their offered mattresses would only work best with their proprietary bed frames. Therefore it is best if we consider looking into the aspect of compatibility even before you finally make up your mind to take the plunge.